Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 Leadership Camp


I don't know what happened in school, before departing to Dusun Eco xD
Participants arrived Dusun Eco at 10.30am, after being transfered up by the truck, they start to set up the tent. After that, it was first Station Game then lunch time lo. Then we had flying fox and obstacle course. Those activities at Obstacle Course are very challenging especially the "Kargo Net" and "Commander Crop". The hanging bridge is fun too, the journey is quite long and the scenery is not too bad :) After shower and dinner, it's time for ceramah, this year penceramah is YS Lim. He had station game for the 8 Groups. Each groups were given one candle, all they have to do is protect the candle from being blown by the Form 5s. It was FUN but too bad time is short. Then they went back to the hall for their ceramah. After that, it's time for Detective! Before the answer of the killer was being revealed, we had OBH. Year 2010 Form 5s are really very helpful and cooperative! :) Really appreciate the help of all of you. ^^ After OBH, and after the "killer" was revealed, participants went to sleep. While some groups stay awake to jaga malam.


Everyone woke up at 6am, and went for morning jog. After that, we had some warm up exercise and we DANCED! :) It was the song H.E.R.O! It made all of us felt so energetic! :) After that, we went for Jungle Trekking, it took us around 4 hrs to complete it. Then they went for ceramah and the AJKs prepare for Treasure Hunt lo :) After the ceramah and some time for the discussion of Malam Kebudayaan, Treasure Hunt started! Only Group 1 and 2 managed to go to Phase 2. Honestly, this year TH we purposely made it as simple as we can, and yet still no one found the Treasure cause of time problem. Hmph! After dinner, something unexpected happened but everything went normal :) God Bless. They enjoyed their Malam Kebudayaan performances very much. Due to the weather, it was raining the whole night, so all participants slept at the hall. Big thank you to Justin, Xiang Hao, Kung Scwen, Jieh Sun, Jia Hong and Guan Yee for helping us, AJKs to jaga malam. Thanks a lot! :)


Last day of camp. Why time passes so fast? T.T We went for morning jog as well, but today don't have H.E.R.O dance cause we had Masakan Rimba early in the morning! Lol. Now know that it's not necessary to have it during night time. Haha! Prepared flour for roti lilit, mushroom soup, drumstick and potato for them. We, AJKs had 4 drumsticks, bwahaha! Cause at first thought Form 5s will join but they're still sleeping that time. Haha! Everything was so yummy! Roti lilit, ours and Group 7 wan can fight xD Mushroom soup all also tasty ^^ Drumsticks Group 6 not bad, ours too! :D Yummy! ❤❤ After that, time for Human Hunt. Then Majlis Penutupan lo~ We watched slide shows prepared by Teng han and Guan Yee :) CREDITS to them^^ We clean up everything and it's time to say Bye bye to Dusun Eco~ xD

As far as I know, you guys say you love this 2010 Camp! We're very happy to hear that :) We hope all of you really enjoyed it and may this event be the best in year 2010~ ;) Hope all of you learn something throughout this camp la. Especially from the 2009/10 Form 5s! Do not think that if you're not an AJK, you're not responsible in anything. Think positively, if you help out, you can have fun too! So, all the best la!^^ To the Form 2s, remember that now you're seniors of the Form 1, be a good leader! Actually all of us are leaders, it's just the matter of are you a good or a lousy leader. Agree? Good luck! :)

Form 5s:
We are really very proud of you! You all are much much MUCH MORE BETTER than previous years Form 5s! This is what Cik Mala and other teachers say. Be very proud of yourself! Keep it up! Woohoo~ :)

Dear AJKs:
Thanks for all of your effort for this camp. It's a successful one! :D This is what En.Chia KL said. Then Pn.Heng SC say this is the BEST CAMP TEE ever after! Haha! :D

Thanks for coming to our 2010 camp. I know walking up and down the staircase is very very tiring~ xD Get more rest and THANKS AGAIN! :)

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